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  1. Where can I get a quick view of all my apps?

Where can I get a quick view of all my apps?

The My Apps page displays a summary listing of apps you have defined and are currently following. After you have logged in, the page is accessible by clicking the My Apps Quick Filter Icon and includes the following functions:

Function Name Description
Add a New App If you have not defined an app, the Learn More icon displays and directs you to the Add a New App function. This function can also be accessed via the Plus Menu.
Explore Apps / Apps I'm Following If you are not currently following any apps, the Explore Apps icon displays and directs you to a listing of Apps currently defined in the platform that you can review. You can click Follow on apps you find interesting and they will display in the Apps I'm Following section.
Search The Filter panel allows you to sort your app listing using a selection of sort criteria including Type, Sort By, and Tag or Keywords.
View Details You can click the App Name to view the Details page.

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